Do you ever dream?

A GOAL is a lot like a dream.  "I want to have this....I dream of being that."  Do you say and think to yourself, "If only I could..."  They're all GOALS.  Most often...all obtainable...if you hold yourself accountable to the steps it takes to achieve them.  Break it down backwards and make it personal.

What do you want?  A new car, redecorate your living room, take a trip to Alaska..?  Where is it you want to be?  Debt free, 15 pounds lighter, move up in your job...?  What steps does it take to get there?  (You better be writing your answers down!)  Now, how are you going to commit to taking these steps?   It works.  Only you can do it though.  So write it down...write down your GOALS!  Big or small.  It doesn't matter.  Then go after it.  Take it.  Own it.  Be it!

Welcome to the New Year...2014 is going to be your year!  Let's do this!