Granted or For or Never

You could be GRANTED a wish...sounds inviting, huh?  Then when you put that word FOR in front of it...well, taking it FOR GRANTED...that just makes your heart sink.  Then when you put a negative in front of that...NEVER take it FOR GRANTED...well, you're back in business.

There are so many positives and negatives in the world and often times they get mixed up, mixed together, mixed in and mixed around.  One thing I know is...if you're ever GRANTED that opportunity to see your wish or feel love, maybe be that special person for a day...NEVER take it FOR GRANTED.  One shift in life could change that which you were GRANTED into a FOR GRANTED in a simple beat of a the heart.  Live life by seeing all you can see, loving all you can love and then being that special person for a day will just come naturally.  You'll find out what I mean.   ;-)  

NEVER take life's adventures FOR GRANTED...and life's adventures will naturally give back.